Saturday, January 06, 2007

Moving on up....

We had the Sarazins, Murphys, Folkestads, and Kyle over on New Year's day - one final holiday gathering before the long, boring winter sets in. And then to my great surprise I had a super exciting week. I made the transition to the older infants room. In older infants, I eat my meals on a little chair at a little table with my buddies. We all take naps at the same time on our own little cots. High chairs and cribs are for little babies, not big shots like me and my new buddies. I'm having a ball! My Mom is going to take some photos this next week and post them on my blog. Usually kids move up at 12-13 months but my pretty teacher Laura told my parents that I am very mature for my age. For some reason this seemed to be very funny for my parents. I showed them this week - just see how big I am!


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