Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Octoberfest Finn-style

Hello friends and family,
I'm getting my two top front teeth. What a set of chompers I'll have soon with four! I am walking along the furniture as much as I can every day. I love being upright. I'm going to be Tigger for Halloween. Apparently he likes to move and jump just like me. My parents are going to take me trick-or-treating and I'm going to be in a parade at school in the morning. I can make the "ma ma" and "da da" sounds. My parents are hoping I'll realize they apply to them. Little do they know I am fully aware, just holding out to keep them on their toes! We had our first party at our house this past weekend since I've been born. Man, was that a good time. I think I even danced on a table or two. October has been a good month. Been able to see lots of the in-town relatives, including great-grandma Thelma. Have now become top dog in my room at school. And generally had a pretty good time for myself.
Happy Halloween!
Mr. Finn


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