Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays one and all! My Baron grandparents David and Gail came to town for the holidays from Texas as well aunt Dena and uncle Jim from DC. I think they were all happy to see my new skills. Grandma and Grandpa stayed overnight with me one night so my parents could have a night away downtown. I had a lot of fun having them stay with me. They seem to think I'm pretty cool. Mom, Dad, and I hosted Christmas Eve and Christmas morning so there was lots of merry time with the Baron relatives. Uncle Kyle gave me a little red wagon Mom says I can take for a spin in the spring. I did my first overnight on New Year's Eve at my Sarazin grandparents. And just to be nice I slept in until 8am! Mom, Dad, and I got lots of eating, drinking, and making merry in December. I have decided I like the holidays with all the gatherings, treats, lights, presents, candles, and such.
I hope you all had happy and festive holidays too. And happy new year to you and yours!


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