Sunday, January 07, 2018

Sledding Party - Jan 2018

Sledding party on the last day of holiday break - with Hayden, Karl, Bjorn, Liam, and Martin

Pics from 2017 - Part 3

We switched things up and now the front bedroom is mine.  Here are Karl and I breaking it in by gaming together.

Mom and Dad have been teaching me to cook.  So far I've made spaghetti and meatballs, tacos, and corn fritter casserole.

Maeve in her Christmas sweater.  She's not a fan.

Pics from 2017 - Part 2

Some pics from the fall....

Here I am in Chicago for MEA weekend at the Museum of Science and Industry and with mom at Lawry's for dinner

Halloween party at Liam's

Thanksgiving day Walk to End Hunger at MOA with Michael

Pics from 2017 - Part 1

Some more pics from this summer....

We had our annual pool party for PSI families at Grandma and Grandpa's pool again.  Love this tradition!

Maeve loved door time this summer

I golfed with these two pros 7 times this summer - whoop whoop!

Gingerbread Houses - Dec 2017

Annual tradition with Mom and Grandma once again.  Please note 2 things.  1) They look pretty amazing if I do say so myself.  2) I'm nearly as tall as Grandma.

Cross-Country - Fall 2017

Will, Karl, and I ran cross-country this fall with the Park Flyers.  Here we are at a meet in St. Paul.

Before the race

Before the race with the whole team

After the race

Sixth Grade - Bus Stop Buds

Hayden, the other kids, and I all look pretty bright-eyed especially as it's 6:50 in the morning!

Sixth Grade Starts - Sept 2017

All four elementary schools come together in the middle school so lots of new people to meet.  Plus I really like my schedule of classes this year.  Keeping up with the Spanish but now adding German into the mix.

Annual State Fair trip - 9/1/17

We had a smaller group this year than in other years.  Grandma, Claire, and Rachel couldn't make it.  Dad was home healing up from his surgeries.  Nonetheless, Margaret, Michael, Mom, and I had a blast!!

Summer 2017

Overall, it was a great summer but seemingly not a lot of pictures were taken.  Probably because our summer vacation was cut short for Mom and Dad when Dad had a mountain bike accident.  He broke his arm in several places and had surgery to fix it.  Good news is he is doing much better now.

Will was on vacation with us and Grandpa and Grandma came to Brainerd so the four of us could stay on at the cabin and finish the vacation.

Dad also had to have emergency gall bladder surgery this summer.  He's doing much better after that too.   But it made for a strange summer for poor Dad.

Hannah was my nanny again this summer and we went on some fun outings.

I ran Eagan track again this spring and then did Park Flyers track this summer.  I really got good at the long jump and faster at the sprints.

I spent a lot of time at the pool with buddies this summer.

It was a nice long break before the start of middle school.

Last day of school - 6/2/17

After school picnic with Will, Bjorn, Karl, and Hayden....ready for summer to begin

5th Grade Graduation and Goodbye to PSI - June 2017

Here I am with my grandparents and Karl (friends since kindergarten.)  After 6 years at PSI, we are all moving onto the middle school in the fall.  I'll still be taking some classes in Spanish but it won't be full immersion any longer.  PSI has been a great experience with wonderful teachers and staff.  And I've made fantastic friends.  Now onwards and upwards!!

Twins Fans - April 2017

Great outing - I got a game ball, got to run the bases, and had a blast with Grandma and Mom.

More Boston pics

Trip to Boston - March/April 2017

Mom and I spent 5 days in Boston.  We stayed downtown and saw everything from Fenway Park to Harvard to Boston Common to the Freedom Trail to multiple museums to even a pub that is 350+ years old (ate there twice.)  Mom's cousin Paul gave us a driving tour on our first day and then we were off exploring the rest of the stay.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Catching up...

Let's's been awhile since I gave an update.  In September after I started 5th grade two big things happened...we brought home our new kitten Maeve.  She's grown a lot since she joined our family.  And I started playing the baritone in band.  I like both...but Maeve is not a fan of the baritone.  She thinks it's too loud.

This fall I played soccer again and our class went on a trip for 3 days to Eagle Bluffs.  Since we are the oldest in the school that means we are the Big Men On Campus, the BMOCs of PSI.  I've been having a good year in school, especially because a lot of my best buds are in my class this year.

Maeve - Bigger and Fluffier than Ever!

The Fantastic Four

Pepitos and slumber party with Karl, Johnny, and Will - ole!