Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Highlights from June and July

Hello friends and family,
Hope your summer is going smashingly well just like mine! Have lots to fill you in on my adventures this summer so sit down, relax, put your feet up, and read about my news...
1) Grandpa (Pop-pop) and Grandma (Ginga) Baron visited from Texas at the beginning of June. Always a good time when those two roll into town.
2) Went to the fire station open house with my parents. It was beyond my wildest dreams!
3) I went on a very fun Sarazin family vacation with golfing (I hit the putting green), swimming, boating (I was the pirate ship captain), and much merriment. All my Sarazin cousins were there plus the grown-ups.
4) Went on the kiddie rides at the zoo. Mom eventually ran out of cash for the tickets so we had to go home.
5) Have learned about stop lights. Does anyone need a refresher course on what red or green mean?
6) Informed my parents after Pop-pop and Ginga Sarazin babysat one night that "they are good people" - for some reason this cracked my parents up. But it's true!
7) Spent many hours first running to the park and then playing at the park. Not sure if "let's run" or "not today" is my favorite expression this summer.
8) Have become a regular Mr. Fix-It around the house and have helped my Dad with lots of projects. Bob the Builder would be proud.
9) Thoroughly enjoying the backyard for golf, basketball, hockey, bike riding, and dips in the mini pool.
10) Last but not least, am happy for the warm weather. Sure beats the cold!
Enjoy August everyone!!


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