Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer 2012

Have learned the true meaning of "summer vacation" after finishing Kindergarten and kicking back this summer.

  • Great mix of days at home with nanny Gabby and my parents each week plus fun outings with buddies through Kid's Place.  
  • Swam a ton.  And then swam some more.
  • Half-heartedly worked on riding my bike sans training wheels.  
  • Scored some exciting goals on my soccer team.  Spent time on the sidelines wrestling with the other dudes on the team.  Believe this kept us all warmed up for the game. 
  • Went up north for a week with my parents, Sarazin grandparents, aunt Margaret, uncle Tim, and cousin Michael.  Grandpa nearly won the resort's duck race.
  • Had loads of playdates with buddies from school (Liam, Karl, Jack, Bjorn, Avi, and Will) and some oldies but goodies from the neighborhood and pre-school (Annie, Hayden, Luke, Alex, Zach, and Angelina.)
  • Became an Olympics-watching TV junkie for 2 weeks.
  • Toured Fort Snelling, went to the dentist, saw a bunch of movies, ate DQ, etc...
  • Stayed up late and slept in.  Enough said!
Just 10 days left, a State Fair visit, a few more fun outings, and then I'm off to first grade!!


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