Sunday, September 27, 2009

Top 10 Reasons September 09 Was Awesome

  1. Went to the State Fair with the Murphys - Margaret, Tim, Joe, and Michael. Rode rides, went on the Old Mill and yelled in the dark, ate cookies and pronto pups, and planned my next John Deere purchase.
  2. Started swimming lessons Little Twos with my friend Ben. Our Moms say we bring out the silly in each other.
  3. Little Kickers with Soccer John started up again. Now it makes sense when I wear my gray Little Kickers T-shirt all the time. Which leads me to #4...
  4. Wearing gray outfit, black outfit, or blue outfit in heavy rotation. Each one comprises a soccer t-shirt with matching shorts. Comfy and stylish. Shout out to Mommy for keeping on top of the laundry so one of them is always clean.
  5. Went to Como Zoo and Como Town with the parents. Saw lions, tigers, and zebras...oh my. Did the kiddie go-carts all on my own. Surprisingly good driver at age 3 although we told a small fib that I was 4 so I could do it. Shhh...don't tell Como Town.
  6. Lots of bike rides through the local "jungle"/nature preserve with daddy and mommy.
  7. Saw my first play, "I Like Me" based on the book. It's a bit off, off, off, off-Broadway but still quite good.
  8. Purchased Darth Vadar costume. Now the great decision is upon be or not to be...Darth Vadar or Batman.
  9. Fun outing to the Apple Orchard Farm with pumpkins, corn bins, farm animals, and tractors. Farmer Finn had a farm, E I E I O.
  10. Went to the fire muster parade with Pop-pop. 45 heavenly minutes of fire truck after fire truck.
Hope your September was also awesome!!


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